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Posted on November 26, 2019 by CherrieWatson

love and acceptance can the world heal

About Me

About Me- Well hello there! Welcome! So, who is Cherrie A Reger-Watson? Well, I try to be honest and fair, understanding and patient, loving and kind, empathetic and supportive. I defend my family and friends fiercely. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and my face gives away my every emotion!

Well now, I should probably tell you all of the normally expected stuff, like my pedigree (where I graduated, what degrees do I have under my belt, am I working, and on, and on). But I don’t think I will be ‘traditional’- after all, I have never really been traditional or done things according to others’ ideas about how my life should be going.

  • bachelors degree – business administration
  • associate degree – legal assisting
  • associate degree – general studies
  • work a full-time job
  • write books
  • ride Harley Davidson motorcycles
  • crochet

Working on websites is a growing interest of mine. But most importantly, I try to help my family, friends, strangers, co-workers, cohorts and anyone in need.

Life has transitioned me into a different person over the years. My hope is that those transitions have made me a good person, with good intentions, and a Godly spirit. I was taught to see the bright side of everything by someone who had every reason in the world to never see the bright side of anything.

So, it is in that someone’s memory, Lea Daniels, that I do my best every day to see the best in everything.

I have a wonderful and loving husband and we have the absolute best-est dog in the world.

My Short Story

So I’m from West ‘by God’ Virginia! and I wear that label proudly. My family history is full of real-life stories- some that have been passed down from generation to generation, and others that I have experienced myself.

As for who I am, or my story, below is a list of the various work experiences I have had over the course of my time on this planet. These many jobs have helped to turn me into the person writing this paragraph-

  • a babysitter
  • a waitress at Royal Castle Restaurant
  • a hospital environmental specialist
  • a fast food restaurant worker
  • a sales clerk and was part of opening a new Belk Hudson department store (did you know that an obsolete meaning of Belk is ‘vomit’)
  • a server for local pizza restaurant
  • an assistant manager for that local pizza restaurant
  • a dining room supervisor for local seafood restaurant
  • moved to another city to help train new staff for same local seafood restaurant
  • a night custodial worker for an athletic club
  • a telephone marketer
  • a vending machine operator
  • a telephone marketer
  • an office manager for a local tow motor company
  • a manufacturing directory editor/publisher
  • an university student worker
  • a secretary in a recreational services department at that same university
  • an administrative assistant for the human resources department
  • a administrative secretary for a biological sciences department
  • an administrative secretary for an accounting department
  • a published author…


Although I am a best friend to most people and I give anything I have to help others, sometimes I am hard to live with because I tend to see things as right or wrong.

Yes, there is a grey area, and I live there more often than I like to admit. I laugh too often and usually at the most inopportune moments. This laughter is a nervous habit that I have no inclination to change.

For those who know me, please note that I realize the site is developing very slowly- Just know that I have a lot of irons in the fire right now, and this site will develop; it is just going to take some time.

God Bless



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